Mini Roulette is an online gambling establishment.

The enormous size of the table in roulette might give the impression that the game is much more difficult to play than it really is. Although it is one of the casino games that is easiest to learn, there can be a surprising amount of money at stake at any given time, and the sheer number of betting options may be too much for some players to handle, at least at the beginning. However, it is still one of the most player-friendly games in the casino.

But what if we could make the game easier such that even the most hesitant player would feel comfortable participating? It would seem that this is the concept behind Mini Roulette, a variation of this traditional game that may often be found on the internet. In this version of the game, there are fewer numbers and betting possibilities available, but the overall gameplay is almost same. But does it make it a game that’s better for most players or one that’s worse for most players? Let’s take a more in-depth look, shall we?

Similar Table, but with a Smaller Wheel

The little form of roulette is, in all important respects, the same game as its larger counterparts, be they French, European, or American roulette. It is played using a wheel that is split into only 13 segments, as opposed to the conventional 37 or 38, and it has the numbers 1-12 along with a single zero. Players have the option of placing a wager on any particular number of their choosing with odds of 11-1 or placing bets between numbers in order to cover multiple areas with chances that are lower. The following are possibilities to consider:

2-1 is the answer to Split (Two Numbers), 5-1 is the answer to Street (Three Numbers), and Square (Four Numbers).

Additionally, participants have the option of placing bets on either red or black, as well as odd or even numbers. These wagers will each cover precisely six different areas on the wheel, and they will all pay out at odds of two to one. The secret to winning at this game is to understand that all of these bets provide completely fair odds for a wheel that has 12 pockets. It is the existence of the zero that provides the casino with a little edge over the player in this game.

After you have selected your wagers, you will be able to initiate the next spin by pressing a button. After a ball has completed one round around the wheel and landed in one of the numbered pockets, all lost bets will be collected, and winning bets will be paid out. At that moment, you will be ready to start your next spin, either by putting fresh bets or by choosing the “rebet” option, which will automatically set the same wagers for you.

Having said that, there is one significant exception that you should be aware of. When you play this game at some online casinos, such as those that use software developed by NetEnt, you may have the option of using a variation of the La Partage rule. When playing this version of the game, players will get half of their lost wagers refunded whenever the wheel stops on the number zero (of course, bets that cover the zero win, and pay out as normal). The fact that this makes one of the losing positions into merely a “half” loss rather than a full loss is plainly helpful for the players.

Steer clear of the Zero.

The fact that almost all of the bets in this game have the same advantage for the house indicates that there is not much room for strategy while playing. If, on the other hand, the La Partage rule is in force, it is in your best interest to avoid placing bets that contain the 0, since this will prevent you from having the benefit of recovering one half of your original wager in the event that part of your wagers are forfeited. Aside from that, feel free to choose any fortunate or noteworthy numbers that strike your fancy!

The advantage that the house has over your bets is around 3.85 percent while you are playing with La Partage. Without that rule, the house advantage rises to a whopping 7.69 percent, which is why it is imperative that you play this game under the more advantageous rules.

Why Do You Want to Play This Game?

Although the little version of roulette doesn’t actually give much of an edge over the regular version of the game, it is, without a doubt, a lot easier way to play. This may be a game that’s simpler to keep track of if you want to play a little bit while you’re also doing other things, and that’s absolutely something that’s worth something. Players who are new to the game could also like the table’s straightforward arrangement. However, we would only advocate playing this game if it had better regulations; otherwise, the house advantage is simply too great to warrant playing this instead of European or French roulette. If the game had better rules, however, we would recommend playing it.

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