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Review of the Bingo VIP Club

Depending on who you ask, the word VIP means something very different. And whatever side of the fence(s) you land on is mainly determined by your perspective on celebrity culture. Turning up to a red carpet event with champagne waiting just beyond the filled leather and wood doors is a dream come true for some people. After passing past those gloomy wooden gates, they are surrounded by the affluent and powerful, if not the great and good of this world.

Others would undoubtedly scoff at the entire notion, preferring to hang out at a low-key pub or bar rather than the type of ostentatious, crystal chandelier-heavy setting that would be expected of the invite-only crowd. Fortunately, for those in the latter group, there isn’t a whole lot of VIP treatment at the Bingo VIP Club. Yes, it has the initials VIP on its back, and when the home screen initially loads up, you’ll be greeted with a pretty simple image depicting a red carpet with red-roped obstacles in the foreground and background.

Despite all of this, we can see a light glowing so brilliantly that it would put even the greatest pop singers to shame in some faraway area that you’ll never be able to see it for yourself. Indeed, you can just image the paparazzi setting up their cameras on each side of you, and the entertainment writers setting up their microphones, all ready to ask those all-important questions about some divorce, or what designer you’re wearing, or anything.

Having a Problem with Your Image

This is a problem since the whole thing seems tacky, if not as if some 10-year-old had learned some basic coding and said, “I’m going to design the homepage for a bingo website.” Even the typefaces could be made a bit more elegant if they were just a little less curled, to put it mildly. It’s not quite to the level of Comic Sans offensiveness, but it doesn’t exactly scream, “You’re on the inside now,” either. The irony, of course, is not lost on us; rather, it is just that it is not very amusing in its current form. Not at all. It’s just the reverse, in fact; the feeling is that the website is in dire need of something more, not to mention some updating.

Still, it does a good job of stating its intentions clearly. It’s all about having a good time, and having a good time is plainly rather simple. The most prominent feature on the website is the £15 welcome bonus, which essentially implies that you may play for free when you first sign up for the site. Below that, you’ll see a winners table, which displays how much money each person has managed to win in cash. Of course, “cash money” is slang for “pleasure” in the gambling world. Next door, you’ll find another panel with a list of the most popular slot games that are now accessible on rotation. There’s also a click-through connection to the’specials,’ which are fantastic deals and promotions that, ideally, will help us all forget about the sloppy design mistakes we discussed before. Is it going to work? Let’s take a deeper look at what’s going on.

That’s why you’re here, after all.

In all honesty, researching bingo sites isn’t the most important thing you could be doing with your time. When everything is said and done, the vast majority of them are quite similar. However, if you spend enough time at this work, you may notice certain variances that you will begin to recognize. And that is exactly what we have done. On the whole, particularly in contrast to the worst offenders, Bingo VIP Club, despite its gaudy appearance, is already ahead of the pack in terms of points earned over rivals. At the very least, we have a fair notion of what is going to be available — promotions, bingo, and slots. In the meanwhile, if you click on the Bingo link at the top of this page, you’ll start learning more in-depth about the game.

Various versions of the beloved game that brought us all to this location are up for grabs, or at least available for play. The ultimate total of 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, 50 ball bingo, and 30 ball bingo may be summed up as follows: That’s five distinct ball numbers, which is at least three more than the worst offender we’ve seen on the internet when it comes to not truly providing users with a large number of alternatives.

By just skimming through the current bingo table, you may have a clear understanding of the possibilities available to you, which is also beneficial when it comes to avoiding making dumb errors. The number of players engaged in each game is shown clearly, and you can immediately see the fee to buy in, the total jackpot, the time when play will begin, and whether or not the game has already begun. There will be no more attempting to become engaged in something that is still three hours away from starting, nor will it make you more inclined to attempt to get involved in something that is just a few minutes away from ending.

Slots and more are available.

As we’ve previously said, there are slots available in addition to the bingo games, and we have to say that the assortment is rather impressive. Unfortunately, the key term here is “decent.” There are a plethora of options to pick from, but they are not the most extensive we have ever seen, and the technological quality varies from acceptable to excellent. Again, this isn’t about rewriting history, but as an addition to the traditional bingo game, it’s acceptable to us.

The Scratch games option will display after clicking on either Bingo or Slots after you have selected one of the two options above. This game is similar to slots in that it is immediate, fast, and entertaining with a relatively minimal amount of reward money at risk. However, they required’scratching’ in order to win- similar to a traditional scratch card, but without the need for real physical scratching… Don’t attempt to pry your screen from your hands.

Promotions and mobile devices

If there is one area in which Bingo VIP Club excels, it is in the field of promotions, as well as the manner in which the promotions are given to you. Obviously, you should click on the Promos link, and you’ll be presented with a big list of discounts and deals that are now available. These are far more generous than the majority of those we have seen, and there are significantly more of them. Interesting, it makes no mention of any VIP benefits – such as a loyalty plan – as many gaming websites do, and we can only presume that this is done in order to avoid giving away the fact that Bingo VIP Club isn’t truly a VIP Club of any kind.

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